martes, febrero 13, 2007

6:38 am

Maybe I'm too scared
of these words that are running in my head
I'm not sober now
and that's why I'm going to let them out
I can't feel the same way about you
'cause you piss me off

I hate the way I feel
'cause you kill me deep inside
and I can't help it
my soul
maybe I don't want to
maybe it's not me
but you made it this way
I don't want an end
I just want a beginning
that never comes
and I pray
for another chance
but nobody hears me
and it kills me deep inside
it's running trough my veins
your poison,
your pain
and I'm already dead

This is my lament
my broken heart crying
and no one can hear me
'cause I have no voice
no words that could explain
exactly the way I feel
Not hidding from nothing
just from myself
you changed me,I now
but... in a better way?

Tears in my eyes
gives you the answer
I hate you,
I love you
but the bullet in my head whispers in my ear
that I'm already dead

I'm already dead
I'm already dead
(Lo bueno de haber destrozado mi antiguo blog, es que puedo reciclar antiguos posts. Como este. )