lunes, marzo 30, 2009


Now tell me what it is
It isn't fair 'cause
I'm wasting time
'Cause it isn't my heart
It isn’t my fault
And every situation understands, well
The anecdote
Of chasing the location to your door

'Cause I'm wasting time
Now I'm wasting money again
And all the cigarettes
That I have never smoked
And all the letters
That I have never sent

viernes, marzo 27, 2009

Japanese food, wine and friends

Descubro que el tío que se sienta a mi lado tiene menos de 30 años, unos ojos bonitos y para variar, es un frikazo.

Resulta que para un tío que me llama la atención, tiene muchas posibilidades de convertirse en mi jefe.

Y ya saben lo que dicen. Donde tengas la olla...

Qué depresión.

miércoles, marzo 25, 2009

Ain't that a kick

Somewheeeeere there's a someoooone for everyooooooone.
Somewheeeeereeeee there's a someooooooooone for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........


Me voy a Almería.
Pásenlo ustedes bien.

lunes, marzo 16, 2009

sábado, marzo 07, 2009

De espíritus reconcentrados

I've have this dreams lately... and I don't know what they really mean and then there's that feeling, like falling into a big damn hole of necessity.

It's not like an "I want you to want me", but an "I want you to touch me and please say that this is real."

More or less.